Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Is It Just Me?

Asia's full of weird and wonderful stuff - and much of it is well worth investigating. Ok you can keep the Phoenix Claws (chicken's feet) and fried frogs legs etc, but fresh gin botanicals in the supermarket? Hell yes!

Following is a little collection of some of the left-field discoveries that I've made in my first month in Singapore.

It's an amazing world and as each culture imitates another, there's bound to be bits falling through the gaps of understanding:

It's gotta be said however, Western concepts do tend to get steered in a funky direction when they get exposed to interpretation!

Take this fella for example. Sure the title's a little bit...questionable, but what are they trying to say in that first tasting note!?

Are we all going to be awkwardly trying to get to the bathroom pitching tents afterwards? What about the ladies?? Aye-oh!

I spotted this whizzing by on a sushi train and had to grab the shot. WTF does that mean!? I mean, I'm not sure if it sounds awesome, or entirely scary!

I'm taking ideas and comments on that one - please put me out of my fear of ravenous Egyptian microchips tasting my sushi intermittently from the inside out. Yikes.

Sorry, I'm not dropping bank on Coffee Sauce Chicken until someone I trust recommends it. No dice.

He he he he he....now this might just be me, but I think this is hilarious and amazing! Why hasn't anyone offered me waffles with my menu earlier!!? Come on World - catch up!

Considering this was my meal - yeah, not so funny. I now appreciate their menu's bold claims that "you'll never forget our famous jumbo dog". No shizzle.

What is this abomination? Probable the greatest snack food on Earth has been seriously molested by an Asian flavour renegade - perhaps a member of a sleeper cell bent on the destruction of all things sacred.

Who knows, but considering I didn't man up for
the ridiculous 15 clams (they'd best be amazing for that!) maybe I'm missing out on something..

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