Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Sombre Sign-out dedicated to Mick.

Given my horribly static and arbitrary contributions to the food and drink stratosphere in terms of blogging, I find this a perfect Saturday in the tropics to sign out, once and for all, as the FlavourCowboy.

Fortunately for you dear reader, this blog isn't going to be about me (definitely my least favourite topic of conversation!), but is instead dedicated to the fallen solder: Mr Mick Edmonds.

Mick's existence was spent every bit in the same way as so many of us the bar & hospitality industry. Giving a tricky craft a solid punt whilst trying to make his way in the world around us. What haunted Mick I'll leave out of this post for respect for the wee man, but I know one thing for certain, and his tragic passing has only solidified my resolve.

The theme has gnawed at me for some time, but now it's clear to me and it seems Mick has left one last message scratched into the bartops of our lives; we as a community aren't getting to know each other enough, and because of that - definitely aren't looking after each other enough! We spend so much time talking shit, and shop, on Sunday drink fests and at industry events that we too often miss the opportunity to build a closer bond with each other.

A closer bond means fuller knowledge of our peers, and sure it's hard work, uncomfortable and taxing on our trust - but then, and only then, are we in a position to properly and truly help each other when times get tough! You never know what's really going on with the person you're sharing a bevvie with until you sincerely ask.

Mick, I didn't know you well enough, and I'm sorry like so many of us that I didn't see it mate - all I can leave, if this is an epitaph, is the shell promise that I'll try harder from now on, as I hope we all do.

Sail well mate.

Deo Optimo Maximo.

Cowboy out...

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