Saturday, January 29, 2011

Asian Food Tech Goodness!

Look a little closer at the labeling on this pack.

What an awesome advancement on technology! This's a small blog in a tepid attempt to get my pen flowing again, and what a great place to start with our ol' mate bacon.

How it comes that we've been subjected to bacon from only one source for all these centuries almost defies belief! I'm so grateful to the cheeky Asian food tech who's offered us such an amazing conciliatory boon, but I'm equally confused that they chose to limit their thinking to beef.

What I want to see proudly adorning our shelves is the whole animal gamut. Lamb bacon, duck bacon, rabbit bacon. You know what? Fuck it. Fish bacon! Rock the lot out; it'd be rad!!'s certainly interesting living in Singapore, and I'm sure that there's going to be plenty more random posts just like this one which'll continue to flow while my curiosity lasts. Truly nothing is sacred, but it's good to see the pig getting knocked off the dais once in a while, life's enlivened by a bit of healthy competition after-all!

Take it easy cats,


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  1. Great find!

    Have you seen the craze for whale bacon in Japan?