Monday, May 3, 2010


Howdy do-dy folks!

We're on drinks today and smashing it out in fine style. Sangrita is the mystical spiced chaser to that beloved drop tequila. I'm happy to concede that I'm no expert on the red stuff, but I understand that it varies depending on where you are in Mexico - to the point no less that it becomes a secretive source of pride and competition between neighbours in Jalisco.

Every recipe I've seen on the net, and heard from my peers follows the pattern of tomato, oj, pomegranate and lime formula - with chilli of course. Plenty of recipes include bloody mary spices, ground olives, coriander (at least that's pretty common in mexican food!), onions and just about anything else anyone feels like throwing in it!

Well...enter Diane Kennedy.

Who's that you say? The young lady is an authority on Mexican food. She's written one of the most authoritative tomes on the stuff and has been living there for many years yada yada yada...well she lists a friend from Jalisco's recipe circa 1970 which lists nothing more than fresh sour pomegranate juice and red chilli! Wonderful food for thought.

Dear Diane goes on to say that bitter oranges and grenadine will be a sufficient substitute with chilli of course.

Has anyone got anything to offer here? I want banter people!!

Whatever you do - leave out Tabasco - that barrel aged flavour's got no play in sangrita. Happy mixing!

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