Thursday, March 18, 2010

And the Dust Settles...

Wow, what a cracking week. Drama, intrigue, excess protein, a bit too much to drink here or there and some laughs just to keep things fresh. Lady Melbourne has delivered again, and there are great of tales flooding in about Food and Wine Festival experiences - with plenty of one up-manship to maintain the competitive fires.

I've learnt about lamb, sake, how to own Melbourne trams, wallpaper, and how not to treat people. It's gonna be a lively weekend, and I hope the punters down at the Pearl tonight go easy on this old bartending dog, as I try remembering the recipes again!

As it's Friday - a cocktail for celebrating the fact:

Bar La Florida's Chic Cocktail

30mls sloe gin
30mls sweet vermouth
20mls grapefruit juice
5mls mararschino liqueur

Shaken and served straight up. Have a good weekend all!

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